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A note from teachers to parents

Teachers are invariably an integral part of a child’s education, from pre-school to freshmen and more. In fact, once we put them in schools, they spend much of their active hours over there. At Bluebells Nursery, Dubai we impart holistic education to your children so that they excel in all spheres of their lives. Here, we would like to share a piece of our mind with you:

  1. Teachers love their job

Yes, we love our stressful yet wonderful job. We are dedicated to what we do, especially when it comes to preschool. More than being an academic teacher, we are their second parents, helping them get their basics right.

  1. Teachers want the best for their children.

You might have obviously heard this and yes, this is true. Sometimes parents just don’t get how much we care.  As teachers, we constantly spend time thinking about the betterment of our children. “How can I get this child to read more?” “Oh man! He/She would love this book!” “This child is capable of so much more” “What can I do to help that child make friends and interact with others?

  1. Parents need to trust us

Trust is a biggie. It is not easy to trust others with something as precious as our child. Parents are constantly worried as to whether teachers will take care of the children as good as them. Trust us that there’s a reason for the routines we have set up in the classroom, our methodologies for teaching and so on. We’re professionals and we got this. Since we’ve dealt with lots of kids under this specific age group, we know what is considered normal, unusual, and outstanding.

  1. Teachers see a different side to your children – and that can be useful.

Parents usually say ‘Ah, but you don’t know my child as well as I do.’ To that I say, ‘You are totally right . . . I know your child in a different way.’ Just like adults have a professional work persona that is different from the at-home-in-sweatpants persona, kids too have a school persona and a divergent at-home persona. Teachers can offer valuable insight as they are often able to witness a side to the child that the parents don’t get to see.

  1. Teachers are happy to meet and talk with parents.

If you wanna discuss more on your preschool child, always feel free to get in touch and don’t wait: the sooner the better as many of the trivial-seeming things may be apparently not so. It’s better that you make an appointment so that things can be discussed in detail.

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