» Age of a Toddler is the Right Age to Make them Learn New Things Why it is believed Toddler age is best to Learn new things

Age of a Toddler is the Right Age to Make them Learn New Things

Nowadays all we can see the kids doing is looking at the phone and checking several youtube videos which might be in a way good but as we say anything beyond a limit is bad. Similarly spending most of the time on the phone can affect the mental ability of the kid as the cerebral power of toddler is so much more than we can imagine and that’s why it is said that this is the right age for the kids to grasp as many things as possible.

As they grow up it will slowly decrease and the time they needed to learn something when they were toddler will double for the same thing as they grow up. So utmost care should be taken what they are being fed by the surroundings, by the family, friends, teachers, etc. because a toddler mind is open to everything as they don’t have the capability to filter what is good or bad. So what we as a parent or family member or teacher must do is to make sure that they are placed in a surrounding where only good and relevant things are being fed to them.

If at all bad things are being fed then we should be there to let them know that it is bad then and there because once it is registered in a kid’s mind it is not easy to unregister or unlearn it.

So we should be careful when we admit them to a nursery as well because they learn many things than from home from the outside world. Friends can be great influencers too even though they are of the same age and as clueless as they are. Bluebells nursery one of the Best Nurseries in Sharjah takes care of the kids and their surroundings and the way they are nurtured. Also, they let them involved in extracurricular activities to build them as a complete personality.