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Bluebells Days

Parents Meeting

Mother’s Day, Children’s Day Celebrations & Many more

We celebrate all major days and festivals at Bluebells to provide the children with an insight into other cultures. This offers them an opportunity to party with their friends, thus encouraging respect for all and develop social skills.

Bluebells Graduation Day

Graduation Day Musicals

2013: Bluebellites presented 12 DANCING PRINCESSES.
2014: Bluebellites presented an adaptation of CINDERELLA.
2015: Bluebellites presented PRINCESS AND THE PEA.

Bluebells Programs

Sports Day

Held usually in Nov/Dec every year, Sports day is a very important event at Bluebells. A two month practice routine ensure the children get active and encourages them to stay healthy and competitive.

Parents Meeting

Parent-Teacher Meeting

A day for the parents to visit their ward’s class teacher and discuss the child’s progress.

Dance programme

Annual Day and Graduation

An extraordinary celebration to wrap up the exciting year the kids had at Bluebells. The kids graduate in full graduation robe with certificate, and it is the perfect platform to showcase your child’s talents in a beautifully choreographed Musical Presentation.