» Here’s how you can uplift your introvert toddler’s confidence: Here's how you can uplift your introvert toddler's confidence

Here’s how you can uplift your introvert toddler’s confidence:

Is your tiny tot on the shy side? It can be difficult to get little ones out of their shell sometimes. But the tips given below do help:

Do not compare:

It is the innate nature of a parents to compare their children with the studious child next door or the overachieving sibling in the house. What parents don’t understand is that comparison doesn’t do any good- On the contrary, it hurts your child’s feelings. Focus on what makes them different and special and help them cultivate that. This alone can help boost their confidence and make them feel comfortable in front of others.

Begin with small groups:

Even an outgoing child can get a bit uneasy when surrounded by large groups of children. So for a toddler on the quiet side, a room full of noisy kids can be a bit hard to take on. It’s best that you limit your child’s playdate to a few kids. You can slowly introduce them to new kids or enroll them for other classes with plenty of kids after ensuring that they are comfortable in the present space.

 Don’t force it:

Research has shown that pushing kids too far, too quickly can make them withdraw even more.  Parenting experts say that shy children who feel uncertain and anxious in certain social situations grow even more perturbed when parents force them to participate in the same thus making them apprehensive of such situations in the future.

Compliment them:

No matter how small their achievement may be, don’t forget to compliment them.  Complimenting lets them know how proud you are of their progress, urging them to continue the habit. “Every chance you have, and especially when your kid is next to you, comment on his newly acquired skills,” says Barack Levin, author of The Diaper Chronicles: A Stay-at-Home Dad’s Quest for Raising Great Kids.

Plan beforehand:

Before you expose your introvert child to certain situations, give them an idea of where you are about to go and what you may do over there. Giving them a rough idea of what they are about to experience can relieve them unwanted stress and anticipation.

Words speak a lot

Shyness should be regarded as the way your child is feeling rather than considering it as her nature. For eg, if your son is hiding behind your leg and refusing to talk to your cousins or neighbours, say something like “You feel shy right now. That’s okay — you can greet them when you’re ready” instead of “Sorry. She is shy and doesn’t talk to strangers” Even though the difference is minor,  “you feel ” is a lot better that “you are”

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