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How Can You Introduce Household Chores To Your Child

To raise an independent and self-sufficient child is every parents dream. Teaching self-help skills can help in instilling responsibilities at an earlier age.

You can begin by enrolling your child in a learning environment like Blue Bells, a preschool in Sharjah when they are 2 and a half years or more. You can go about this by teaching them to feed themselves. Help them to drink off of a cup or bottle by holding tilting them at the right angle. You can also teach them to dress and undress themselves without seeking much help from elders. Briefing them about the correct and hygienic practices to use a toilet is also one step towards self-sufficiency. It also means less burden for you.

Here are some tips to keep in mind, while you introduce household chores to your child:

  • Be clear and use a persuasive tone, instead of a commanding one.
  • Make sure that the skills you’ve taught are repeated on a daily basis. Iterating the task for days increases the chance of behavior developing to a pattern.
  • Don’t overlook your child’s age and abilities while assigning them chores. Setting up false goals will lead to disappoints and frustrations in which you blame the child unnecessarily.
  • Also, don’t forgot to guide them along the way. Some parts of a chore may be beyond their physical capabilities. You can help them with such parts of the task. Splitting a new task into smaller steps and teaching each step on consecutive days in a row is a good strategy.
  • You can also make a chore fun by doing something fun along with it. For e.g. you can sing a song and try to make them finish a chore before the song is done. You can also schedule jobs in the decreasing order of their difficulty so that fun jobs are saved for the last.
  • Also, don’t forget to praise them along the way. This seemingly small step improves their morale more than you know.

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