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How Electronic Gadgets Affecting Kids?

Now the whole world is revolving around technology and people are crazy about every new electronic gadget which are the upgraded versions of the previous ones. Precisely, the younger generation is also under the influence of the same as from day one they are being exposed to these electronic devices. Their minds are a clean slate when they enter this world, it is what we, our environment that is feeding their brains. So naturally, a baby who is exposed to a home of 3-4 electronic gadgets will be so curious and would want to imitate the elders because it is how their brain works. They are being shaped by their environment, the people surrounding them, the activities they see every day, etc. Above that curiosity we are letting them experience the gadgets at a very early age to make them engaged so that we can have some peaceful time.

Initially, you might not feel the adverse effect of that but gradually it is affecting your kid’s brain and eyesight. Their tiny eyes are exposed to a bright light way too earlier and their brain development is made slower by the things they watch in the mobile phones. So no matter how irritated you get by your kids, never let them engage in electronic devices, instead let them explore the world of letters, animals, birds, words, etc.

The best way for that would be making them join in a playschool where they get to do many activities along with a peer group and no doubt that they will enjoy it and is a healthy exercise, physically and mentally for them. Parents also can be relieved in that way. Bluebells nursery is one of the best choices for the same as they are one of the best British Nurseries in Sharjah.