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How Parents Can Encourage Creativity In Their Child

In today’s world, parents are more interested in getting their child to score better than the friend sitting next to them. They think that this makes their child better and superior to others. They tend to forget the numerous other factors required for the mental well-being of a child. As a parent, there are plenty of ways to stimulate your child and make them strive for more. At the end of the day, it’s your child’s imagination and creativity that aspire them to dream and work toward bigger things.

What can you do as a parent?

Make Education Fun. Let your child think outside the box.

  • Interact more with your child: Take them to various unknown lands with the help of storytelling. Depending on the nature of stories, your child can learn a lot. There is no better way to pass on wisdom from one generation to the other. Moreover it strengthens the bond between parent and children.
  • Encourage alternative solutions: Allow them to brainstorm and search for more plausible answers to the same question. ”That’s pretty good, got any other ideas?” is one way for that.
  • Motivate your child: There is nothing like motivation that drives kids. Appreciate all the little things they have done. Eg. You can pin their drawings, poems etc. on the bulletin board or refrigerator. This will brighten up their faces and prompt them to improve their next drawing or write even better. Encourage them to participate in extra curricular activities for a fun learning experience.
  • Compel children to read and indulge in arts and arts: Limit TV and other time spent on gadgets in order to make room for creative activities like rehearsing a play, learning to draw, reading every book written by a favourite author.
  • Give them space: Don’t force constrains on your child, neither physically nor mentally. Give them freedom to explore around on their own. It’s safe to let them out in your neighbourhood where there are people you know. Offer a safe “messable” place where kids can explore a variety of art materials. Supply them with recyclables such as paper and cardboard with crayons, chalk, markers, glue, stickers, finger-paint, clay, etc. Similarly, let your child play with thoughts. Don’t curb their spirit and dishearten them when they share their ideas.
  • Allow them to ask questions: Although you may get tired of them asking multiple questions daily, it means that some thought process is building up in their minds. Try to answer as many questions as possible with a smile on your face. Try to present answers as interesting stories. These answers are less likely to be forgotten by the kids as these questions were raised on their own.
  • Let them Fall and Rise: Falling is inevitable as one knows. So, the best thing you can do is provide support and allow them to find out where they went wrong. Don’t let it get to their hearts and urge them to formulate better plans.

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