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How to find Best Nursery School for your little one

Once your child is ready for preschool, then it is the time when you need to start finding a good school for them. Find a good and quality nursery school can be a difficult task for a parent as it involves a lot of effort. You need to visit and check the schools that will your little one be happy here? Will they cater to all the needs of your child or will your child be happy here? Do the school is going to provide proper feedback on what your child is doing?

All this can be answered once you visit the school and try to visit alone without your toddler so that you can concentrate on observing and asking questions. If you are residing in UAE, then you need not worry Bluebells Nursery is one of the Best British Nursery in Sharjah, where you can find highly educated teachers who ensure a homely environment of learning.

Here are a few tips that can turn instrumental when you are looking for nursery schools that fit best for your child.

Staff of the school

When you are touring the preschool, the first thing which you need to keep in mind is to see the entire staff of school. It is very important to observe how teachers interact with students. You need to see whether the staff cares about the children or not. Talk to teachers and you will see that love for teaching will shine through. Ask for school’s turnover rate from the preschool director. While if the teachers are teaching in school for last many years then it is a good sign.


You need to ask the preschool director about the school’s emergency plans, as it is the most important thing which should be the priority of every parent. Also, don’t forget to take the look of playground when you are touring the school.


Remember that your kudos need to have a comfortable environment when their brain is growing. The classroom should not be too huge but should be adequate according to the strength of the kids. You need to check whether the classrooms are print-rich and have student work around them as it makes the classroom look like the space that belongs to children.


Monthly newsletters, emails and calendars are some of the ways through which the school communicates with parents. Ask for a school handbook, as it will help you what to expect from school. Try to find out how the teachers communicate with teachers as it is vital to keep classroom linked to the home.

Behavior management

Make sure that when you visit the preschool for your kid’s admission, you need to ask the director about the behavioral guidelines that are laid down in classroom. Along with clear rules as well as consequences, there should be age-appropriate supposition.

Class Schedule

It is very important to know the class schedule of your child. Teachers should have time to share books with children and should give enough time to children for playing, running as well as riding bikes.

Therefore, Bluebells Nursery which is one of the Best British Nursery in Sharjah ensures that your child gets modern and creative education that too in a caring environment.