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How to Prepare Your Child for Nursery School

Starting nursery school is an important milestone in your child’s life. It’s normal for children to get nervous on their first day at school and it might take a while for them to adjust to the unfamiliar environment and get used to staying away from their parents during the day. Here are a few tips for a smooth transition from home to nursery school.

Start Early. Children will feel more confident on their first day at a nursery school if you prepare them, instead of abruptly thrusting them into a new environment. Get them used to the idea of school weeks in advance.

Prepare a Routine. Establishing a routine at home will help your child get used to following a schedule at school. Set a fixed bed time and teach your kids to be more independent.  Teach them to take regular bathroom breaks, brush their teeth and get dressed by themselves. Encourage healthy habits like not wasting food and washing hands after a meal.

Visit the school together. Some schools have an open house day for parents and kids to familiarize themselves with the school. Even if there is no open house event makes sure you visit the school with your child at least a week before their first day. Introduce them to their teacher and point out the classrooms and playgrounds. This will help your child feel more comfortable on their first day.

Prepare for school together. Take your kid with you when you go shopping for school supplies like their lunch box and stationary. Let them pick out their supplies by themselves. This encourages enthusiasm and your kids will start looking forward to school.

Encourage Reading. Regularly read to your child to encourage reading habits and to improve their vocabulary. Reading also encourages creativity and imagination. Reading to them is also a good way to improve their listening skills which is important for school.

Talk to your child. Separation anxiety is common in the first few days of starting school and it’s important for parents to take the necessary steps to reassure their kids. In the days leading up to  their first day at school, talk to your children about what to expect, make it sound interesting and fun and also make sure to address any fears they might have and take note of any non-verbal messages that might indicate that your child is nervous.

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