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Well Equipped Nursery With Activities To Boost Your Child’s Creativity

It’s common knowledge that creative people are more flexible and better problem solvers. But creativity isn’t wholly an inborn talent; it’s one of those things that can also be nurtured from an early age in children.

At Bluebells Well Equipped Nursery in Sharjah and Ajman, we make it a point to provide children with the necessary resources to boost their creative expression. We encourage them to participate in group exercises and allow them the freedom to explore their ideas and imagination. All our activities are designed to foster a creative atmosphere.

Bluebells Nursery provides an integrated programme of diverse activities that are fun, challenging and age appropriate. Some of the activities we encourage in our well-equipped classrooms include:

Music and Dance – Music and Dance activities makes use of the child’s high energy levels and gives them useful direction. They encourage flexibility and boosts confidence. We have a well-equipped music room with a variety of instruments to introduce your child to music.

Reading- Reading or listening to stories opens a new world for children and we have a reading corner well stocked with children’s book to motivate them to read.

Art and Craft – Visual art is engaging and improves fine motor skills. Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, we aim to give children a free reign to create. Our workshops are well stocked with art supplies like colors, play dough, blocks and many more.

Drama – Drama is a great way to encourage children’s vocabulary development and storytelling skills. We regularly conduct musicals and special events and celebrations to engage children in drama.

Sports –Taking part in sports teaches children important life skills like team work and most importantly it’s a lot of fun. We hold an annual sports day to allow kids to take part and encourage them to stay healthy and active.

Other activities that boost your child’s creativity and imagination include learning languages and outdoor activities to keep them engaged, help them develop new skills, encourage movement and learn important social skills.