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The Benefits of Reading to Your Kids from a Young Age

Reading is one of the important habit parents should highly encourage in their children. When you start reading to your kids, they are getting complete attention. No toy or TV show is better than this. Reading to babies is also a better idea to immerse them in the sounds and rhythms of speech that helps in language development.  It can also get your kids hooked on books. Read along to know about the benefits of reading to kids from a very young age. If you are in search of a British Nursery in Sharjah, Blue Bells would be the best choice for your kids.

Studies have shown that children of about 18- 25 months of age are able to say and understand words better than those kids who are not regularly read to. It is an advantage to many parents are convinced that early exposure to books has made a big difference in their children. Listening to stories regularly boost their language skills and makes them more eager and keen to read books on their own.

From birth to about six months, the vision of infants would be still developing. Choose the books with little text or with high contrast pictures. Consider those with interactive stuff like puppets, mirrors, peepholes, etc.  For children at a younger age, reading is all about the tone of your voice and cuddling up to it. From 7-12 months through their first year, babies begin to grasp simple words read to them and from their everyday life.

After one year, parents can start introducing small books that they can try to read on their own. The better would be the stories if you act and add expressions along while reading. So that they understand it better. At a very young age, they can identify colours, sounds, animals, numbers, etc.