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Tips from Pediatricians for Parents of Toddlers.

All around the world most of the parents may be busy taming their toddler to be obedient and disciplined. But most of the time you fail running after them. Here we have gathered some great tips and guiding’s from popular pediatricians around the globe. Blue Bells is one of the leading British nursery in Sharjah where you can admit your toddler to guide them with good deeds and personality at this very small age. Contact and follow us as the admission is still open and also classes continuous in summer vacations.

Keep a Simple Mealtime.

Certain parents impose restrictive diets on over weighed children and others pressure under weighted children to eat more. Both cases end up making their kids diet worse. It is better to keep healthy foods on table and letting them opt their food. Whatever they choose wold be healthy for sure.

Let them Go of Some of the Rules.

A toddler will be always keen to foster their independence and a strict guiding’s only results in a power struggle. Don’t try to impose parents will on a child. Better is to offer her choice and take off some of the itching rules and give her opportunity to take decisions.

Find time for Small Talks.

By making small talks with your toddler you can enhance their speech development. Talk to them and make them talk and show them different things specifying their names and colour so that they remember it the next time. Reading, singing and listening to songs also develop their speech skills and language.

Make a sleep schedule.

For the development of toddlers physical and mental health sleep is an important thing. Set a nap schedule for them regularly. If they are busy and tired in day time get her lie down for a nap. Mostly toddlers fall to sleep by their own.

Recognise and encourage their good behaviour.

Parents scold toddlers for their misbehavior and they forgets to applaud them when they do good. Parents aim at preventing bad habits but at times compliment your child for his good stuffs so that he remembers to repeat it expecting your applause with hugs.