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Why Should Children Learn Gratitude?

One of the best gifts you can give your children isn’t something physical to wrap up and offer as a birthday present. Rather, you can help to instil a strong sense of gratitude in them with your words and actions, which can help the child see how much good is in his/her life.

Gratitude is our positive connection to the past. It gives us the sense that there are good things around us, and those good things in our life are the result of contributions by others. Nowadays kids lack this only because they are not taught about it.

  • Feelings of gratitude can alter a child’s perception of the world, family and their self. Research shows that children who feel grateful are more satisfied with life, compassionate, more likely to perform well academically, more likely to have close relationships with their family members and less likely to be susceptible to stress, depression.
  • Children need to be taught about gratitude to glean its benefits; it’s a learned skill. But it’s easier to teach than to learn alone. Teachers and parents can help cultivate a strong sense of gratitude in children of all ages, from toddlers to teens.
  • From a young age, children observe adults to learn life lessons. If you demonstrate that you feel grateful and express your gratitude consistently, children are likely to follow the same.
  • You can only feel gratitude when you understand what the others had to do to make it a reality for you. A younger child can’t think it through the same way as an older child. From a young age, children should be taught to say “thank you” for gifts or kindnesses. But saying the words reflexively doesn’t mean that they’re grateful.
  • Complimenting your children is another excellent way to express gratitude in an accessible way.

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